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Section 3. Research and preparing a manuscript

Article 3.11. Start of the research and preparing a manuscript

  1. After the phase referred to in section 2, the phase of scientific research and preparation of the manuscript begins.
  2. Scientific research and the preparation of a manuscript are conducted in one of the graduate schools of Radboud University or a comparable unit.

Article 3.12. Recording the scientific work in a manuscript

  1. If the PhD supervisor is of the opinion that the PhD candidate, on the basis of their produced research and academic work, may be admitted to the defence of that work, the PhD supervisor will approve the work as a manuscript.
  2. The PhD supervisor shall only accept the PhD candidate’s academic work as a manuscript if:
    a. the work has been checked for plagiarism. The PhD supervisor may request the opinion of Radboud University’s Academic Integrity Committee during this audit, through an intervention of the Executive Board.
    b. the justification as referred to in Article 4.5 demonstrates that the PhD candidate’s research data management meets the current standards of the specific discipline.
  3. The PhD supervisor sends the dean a copy of the decision referred to in paragraph 1 and requests the dean to establish a Manuscript Committee and appoint the members as quickly as possible. The PhD supervisor can nominate members.

Article 3.13. Appointing the PhD supervisor and co-supervisor

  1. Once the PhD supervisor has approved the manuscript, the dean appoints the relevant members of the supervision team as PhD supervisor and, if applicable, as co-supervisor as soon as possible.
  2. As the PhD supervisor, the dean appoints the person who is a professor as referred to in these regulations at the time of appointment. The dean may also appoint an Associate Professor to whom the ius promovendi has been awarded by the Doctorate Board as the PhD supervisor, with due observance of the further rules laid down in Appendix III.
  3. The dean can appoint an expert with a doctorate as co-supervisor.