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Section 2. Form requirements for the academic part

Article 4.3. Design of the academic part

  1. The academic part consists of:
    a. a scholarly discourse, or
    b. a scholarly discourse in the form of a collection; or
    c. a test design.
  2. If the PhD thesis consist of a scholarly discourse in the form of a collection or a test design, then the PhD thesis will be accompanied by a previously unpublished introduction to and a critical reflection on the articles as a whole.

Article 4.4. PhD thesis with multiple authors

If the thesis, or a part thereof, is created by multiple authors the essential and independent academic contribution and input of the PhD candidate needs to be explicitly demonstrated by means of a report that is part of the dissertation.

Article 4.5. Description of research data management

  1. If the PhD thesis is based on research data, the PhD thesis will include a description of the research data management.
  2. The description will at least address the method of processing, storing, and making available of the research data as referred to in paragraph 1.
  3. The description will need to demonstrate that the research data management complies with the standards of the relevant discipline.

Article 4.6. Statements

  1. A separate sheet can be added to the PhD thesis, with at least six and at most twelve statements. The PhD candidate is prepared to defend these statements with academic arguments.
  2. Statements
    a. relate to (the field of) the topic of the PhD thesis; and
    b. comprise their own additions to the subject matter; and
    c. are defensible with academic arguments.
  3. The statements need to be approved by the PhD supervisor in advance. The PhD supervisor will test whether the statements comply with the requirements as referred to in paragraph 1. Before granting the requested approval, the PhD supervisor will consult with experts in cases where the statements are beyond their own academic field and specialism.
  4. In addition to the provisions in paragraph 1, a maximum of two additional statements can be included that relate to topics outside the academic field that the PhD thesis relates to.