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Section 3. Form requirements for the non-academic component

Article 4.7. Non-academic component

  1. The non-academic component of the PhD thesis consists of at least the title page, a table of contents, and the curriculum vitae.
  2. The non-academic component of the PhD thesis can include an acknowledgement.
  3. The chair of the Doctorate Board can supplement the formal requirements for the non-academic part of the dissertation, if such an additional formal requirement is deemed necessary within the relevant discipline by the dean. In that case, the additional requirement will be added as an appendix to these regulations.

Article 4.8. Title page

  1. The PhD thesis contains a title page, consisting of a front side and a back side.
  2. The content and design of the title page are in line with the models in Appendices VIII and IX.

Article 4.9. Curriculum vitae

  1. In the PhD thesis, a short curriculum vitae of the PhD candidate is included at the back.
  2. The curriculum vitae can include an overview of the educational programmes participated in during the PhD track.

Article 4.10. Acknowledgments

  1. Persons and institutions who have contributed in any way to the realisation of the dissertation, other than the academic contribution referred to in Article 4.4, can be thanked for that contribution
    a) in a preface, on the back of the title page or in an acknowledgement at the back of the PhD thesis where the contributions concern the whole of the PhD thesis; or
    b) in a footnote on the first page of the relevant component if it relates to contribution to a specific component.
  2. The acknowledgment is in all cases short and succinct, and needs to be phrased in such a way that it does not detract from the academic character of the PhD thesis.

Article 4.11. Advertising or sponsorships

Advertising or sponsorships linked to the dissertation is not permitted.