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8. Final Provisions

Article 8.1. Safety net clause

In all cases not adequately provided for in these regulations, the decision lies with the Doctorate Board.

Article 8.2. Establishment and amendments

  1. These regulations are established by the Doctorate Board.
  2. The chair of the Doctorate Board is authorised to supplement or amend the additional regulations in the Appendices attached to these regulations in the interim.

Article 8.3. Citation and publication

  1. These regulations can be cited as the Doctorate Regulations of Radboud University 2021.
  2. The secretary of the Doctorate Board ensures appropriate publication of these regulations as well as any amendments in the interim.

Article 8.4. Entry into force

These regulations enter into force on 1 September 2021, and will at that point replace the Doctorate Regulations of Radboud University 2014 and its accompanying guidelines.