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Appendix I. Further regulations honoris causa doctorate

  1. The Doctorate Board is authorised to confer the degree of Doctor honoris causa (hereinafter: honorary doctorate).
  2. At Radboud University, the Doctorate Board may confer university or faculty honorary doctorates.
  3. The Executive Board will take the initiative to award a university honorary doctorate.
  4. The dean, in his/her position as head of the faculty, will take the initiative to award a faculty honorary doctorate.
  5. After a nomination, the Doctorate Board will establish a committee which will provide recommendations to the Doctorate Board about the nomination.
  6. The nomination and preparation for the award are strictly confidential.
  7. The honoris causa doctorate is awarded during the celebration of the Dies Natalis at Radboud University. In exceptional cases, the Doctorate Board may decide to award the doctorate at other times, during a special academic ceremony.
  8. As a rule, one university and/or one faculty honorary doctorate is conferred on the occasion of a regular Dies Natalis. On the occasion of an anniversary year at Radboud University, one university and three faculty honorary doctorates will generally be awarded.