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Appendix II. Further regulations unavoidable costs PhD graduation

  1. Upon request, the PhD candidate will be reimbursed for the necessary costs for the PhD defence ceremony. The allowance is paid by the staff member of the graduate school appointed by the dean.
  2. The compensation is a maximum of € 2,200. The compensation shall never be higher than the costs incurred by the PhD candidate.
  3. The compensation must be applied for within six months after the costs have been incurred.
  4. The following must be submitted with the request for reimbursement of the printing costs:
    - the invoice showing the amount of the printing costs of the dissertation;
    - a statement signed by or on behalf of the secretary of the Doctorate Board that he or she has received the prescribed number of copies of the dissertation;
    - a confirmation issued by a University Library repository that the digital version of the dissertation has been submitted in accordance with the Doctorate Regulations;
    - a completed declaration form. The declaration form can be found at: http://www.ru.nl/cif/cfa/formulieren/declaraties/ or a declaration form specifically available for PhD candidates of the UMC (PIL or PNIL form) can be obtained from the secretarial office of the supervisor's department.