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PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON)

The PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON) is the consultative body for all PhD candidates at the Radboud University. The organization convenes roughly once every five weeks. The PON executive committee and representatives of the various faculties have a seat in the council, as well as representatives of the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad or OR) and Junior Researcher International (JuRI), the organisation for foreign PhD candidates at the University.

Together, they do their best to promote the interests of PhD candidates (and other young researchers, such as Postdocs) in Nijmegen. PON focuses on such issues as working conditions, supervision and courses, advice about practical matters, such as printing a thesis and career perspectives after taking the doctoral degree, and on national and international developments in research and policy-making. PON is also represented in PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland), the PhD Network of the Netherlands.