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Guangyu Qiao-Franco’s book on ‘UN-ASEAN Coordination Against Human Trafficking just out!

Date of news: 3 February 2023

New member of the department Dr. Guangyu Qiao-Franco has a new book just published – wow! The book is titled “UN-ASEAN Coordination: Policy Transfer and Regional Cooperation Against Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia” (Edgar Elgar). Read on for a short summary:

Despite the high frequency of their interactions, the policy coordination process between the United Nations (UN) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been underexamined in global and regional governance and ASEAN studies literature. To chart this terrain, the book investigates UN-ASEAN policy coordination in the case of trafficking in persons (TIP). Guangyu Qiao-Franco advances a conceptual framework designed to explore the coordination between the UN and ASEAN based on theories of policy transfer, norm diffusion, regime complexes, and institutional interaction. By examining developments in Southeast Asian regional governance since the early 1980s, this book provides rich information on the UN and ASEAN’s TIP policies, lobbying and involvement of various actors, and the specific historical contexts of regional policy debates. Based on empirical data collected through 79 interviews with key participants in the TIP policy process across Southeast Asia, the book opens the black box of ASEAN policymaking that has led to positive changes in human trafficking governance.

The book will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, law, criminology, and migration studies. Its consideration of how disparate regional states might collaborate on human trafficking issues will further benefit practitioners and professionals working in governments of ASEAN member states, international organisations, and NGOs.

Many congratulations on this achievement, Dr Qiao-Franco!