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Lustrum Political Science

On Friday 8 November 2019 we have celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of our Political Science programme at Radboud University. This festive event offered the unique opportunity to meet students and colleagues from people's own student days and from other generations as well. It was a varied evening filled with high-quality music, food and entertainment!

Aftermovie lustrum Political Science


mvd-cultuurzaal-152379The anniversary celebration took place in our brand new Elinor Ostrom building in Nijmegen, including the stunning Theatre Hall C.



The programme had a festive conclusion!

About the event

We experienced the department's milestones through a special historic film, reflected on the identity of the Political Science programme during a panel discussion with prominent alumni, learned about the state of the world fifty years ago during an informal lecture, and enjoyed a performance by a famous tenor and Radboud alumnus, as well as a walking dinner and dancing.

Click here for the detailed programme.


If you have questions, contact the Political Science secretariat:
Amanda van Eck-Boerboom 
024-3612113 or