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On this page, you will find blogs written by Political Science students. In these blogs they discuss a wide range of political topics they come across in their study programme and share their views and expertise on these topics. Below you will find the most recent blogs. Via the button below you will find previous blogs.

Should you want to contribute to the blog, please email the editors at gustav.meibauer@ru.nl and/or gaard.kets@ru.nl.

Rikke Ponger

Diversity in popular culture is a hot topic in social and traditional media. The debut of two new, high budget shows about medieval fantasy, The Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, has led some commentators to claim that ‘wokeness betrays the authors work’.

Jari Claasse

The highly anticipated announcement of Xi's third term as head of the CCP and the strengthening of his authoritarian rule over China at the 20th Party Congress last October granted Xi the sovereign power he deems necessary to fulfil the ‘Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation.

Max Boele

In February 2022, Emmanuel Macron announced the complete withdrawal of French forces from Mali after almost ten years of French commitment to security in the region. How was it possible that the Malian interim government could collapse in an instant? 

Jarik Chambille

The last ten years or so we are witnessing a new proliferation of ‘civil disobedience’. It was during the roaring sixties and seventies of the last century that civil disobedience became an explicit and popular form of political protest and received, accordingly, a lot of attention from scholars.

Giorgia Zanco

An increasing number of women are entering the labour force, which contributes to the rise of dual-earner households. This can be seen as a gateway to economic emancipation and empowerment.

Puck Overhaart

“LGBT is not people, it is an ideology”. This contrasts starkly with the position of the EU: in 2020, the European Commission launched its first-ever LGBTI Equality Strategy.

Tobias Rast

Are you interested in new avenues to address the global climate crisis? While research on the extent of environmental decline is valuable, to many it seems that we are missing the “how” next to the “what” there is to fix.

Sara Kok

For about three months a year, I teach statistics to very uninterested and unwilling first- and second-year students. In that group, maybe about ten percent is actually interested and dedicated enough to figure out how this ‘math stuff’ actually works.