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About Political Science

Political scientists investigate the world around them. They do this by studying power relations, conflicts and (current) developments in (international) politics. Discover who is in power and what the political relationships are at national, European and international level. Political scientists study domestic and foreign policy. We study power processes between people and countries, but we also study the relationships within and between, for example, non-governmental organizations and political parties.

In Nijmegen we study current issues about (civil) war, peace, conflict and cooperation, democracy and autocracy, political organisations, political representation and social movements. In addition, in Nijmegen there is a lot of room for philosophical and ethical questions, for example about justice and rationality.

Political Science in Nijmegen offers a Master of Science in Political Science with 7 specialisations:

Master's specialisation in Comparative Politics
In this specialisation you will discuss the challenges facing 21st Century (non-)democracies: is democracy the only game in town? The Comparative Politics Master’s will provide you with new insights into configurations of political power around the world. Politics is much more than elections; it’s also about grass roots mobilisation, mediatisation, and conflicts over values.

Master's specialisation in Conflict, Power and Politics
In this specialisation you will get familiar with the nature of violent conflict in the 21st Century. Why is violent conflict so pervasive? How can we explain the origins and intensity of violent conflicts? What are the effect of international interventions in violent conflicts? What are the conditions for an enduring peace?

Master's specialisation in European Union Politics and Governance
In this unique multidisciplinary Master's specialisation you learn the most up-to-date scientific insights, concepts and debates in the field of European politics and governance. You will explore the tension between complex societal challenges that require cross-border solutions and the politicisation of European integration. You will focus on the legitimacy and functioning of European governance, as well as on the role the EU plays in global politics.

Master’s specialisation in Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Politics
Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are hot topics in contemporary politics, organisations and society. Managing the diversity of the workforce is a key challenge for private and public organisations alike.

Master's specialisation in International Political Economy
In our Master’s specialisation in International Political Economy (IPE) you will uncover the economic and political dimensions of global issues and power struggles behind policy choices.

Master's specialisation in International Relations
Analysing conflict and cooperation in a globalising world. Tackling global issues in the 21st Century requires a deeper understanding of the essential players that shape global politics: governments, intergovernmental organisations, media, multinationals, and NGOs

Master's specialisation in Political Theory
Focusing on the interface of theories of the good society, globalisation, legitimacy and power, Political Theory: is the soul of political science: it’s not about determining what the facts are but about determining what they mean and what should be done with them.