Executive Committee

Jurgen Moonen (Chair)

Jurgen PON 2Jurgen is from the Netherlands and did his master’s in molecular mechanisms of disease at the Radboud University. After studying in Oxford for a year to perform his master’s thesis, he came back to Nijmegen to do his PhD in the department of microbiology where he studies the transmission of viruses from mosquitoes to humans. In his free time he likes to read some books (mostly about psychology and philosophy), play board games with friends and train to, one day, run again an halve marathon.

E-mail: Jurgen.Moonen@radboudumc.nl

Kirsten Kapteijns (Vice-Chair)

Kirsten_Kapteijns (2)Intrigued with human brains, Kirsten completed the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Master at the Donders Institute, with the plasticity specialisation. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in the Center of Expertise for Parkinson & Movement Disorders at the Radboudumc Neurology department. Her research focuses on identifying the natural history and biomarkers of the rare genetic disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1.

E-mail: kirsten.kapteijns@radboudumc.nl

Nik Vaessen (Treasurer)

DSCF8625Nik started his academic journey at Maastricht University, where he received a bachelor in Knowledge Engineering and Data Science in 2018. For his master degree he moved to Stockholm, Sweden. In 2020 he received a master degree in Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology with a specialization in deep learning. In December 2020 Nik started his PhD at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS) at the Faculty of Science of Radboud University. His research focuses on applying deep learning algorithms to audio data, with an emphasis on speech and speaker recognition.

E-mail: N.Vaessen@science.ru.nl