Policies and Regulations Committee

Kirsten Kapteijns

Kirsten_Kapteijns (2)Intrigued with human brains, Kirsten completed the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Master at the Donders Institute, with the plasticity specialisation. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in the Center of Expertise for Parkinson & Movement Disorders at the Radboudumc Neurology department. Her research focuses on identifying the natural history and biomarkers of the rare genetic disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1.

Kirsten will happily answer all your questions related to policies and regulations.

E-mail: kirsten.kapteijns@radboudumc.nl

Marc Vervuurt

Marc VervuurtMarc is a fourth year PhD candidate in the department of Neurology at the Radboudumc. His research is on the identification of fluid biomarkers in cerebral amyloid angiopathy, and he hopes to finish his PhD programme in 2023. Marc has extensive experience in the PhD Network Netherlands, as vice-chair, and hopes to use this experience to strengthen and empower the Policies and Regulations committee of PON.

E-mail: marc.vervuurt@radboudumc.nl