Newsletter 1: From Hora Est to Hora Finita

December 2018

Hora Est and Hora Finita

Radboud University now uses Hora Est (an in-house built system) to register PhD candidates. Hora Est PhD (also built by Radboud University) and PhD TRACK are used to monitor the progress of PhD candidates. Only two faculties use Hora Est PhD and one Graduate School uses PhD TRACK.

Hora Finita has a number of advantages compared to Hora Est and PhD TRACK, the most important being that it has been finalized to support all phases of the track towards a PhD. Also more and more universities in The Netherlands (seven universities already) are using Hora Finita. As Radboud University we can benefit from all of us using the same system.

State of affairs

The project startup has been completed and approved by the steering committee: Jacqueline Berns, René Bindels, Mariette Blokhuis, Anselm van Elk – chair, Jos van Hagen. During the next two months the list of requirements and wishes for the system needs completion and we will be consulting representatives of all user groups on campus. We will send invitations to the members of each user group for a consultation session. In the meanwhile a product demonstration will take place on April 23rd  by the supplier of Hora Finita for all  those interested.

Next steps

Once we have enough conformity and clarity about Radboud’s requirements we will be able to start the process of acquiring the system and subsequently start its implementation. Before going live we will thoroughly test the system. For this we will once again ask representatives of all user groups to share their expertise and test functionalities and if necessary deliver suggestions for improvement. We aim at going live in 2020.







To do

Project startup

List of requirements  -> Contract



Going live








You will not be let down when we go live with the new system: all user groups will get support to get acquainted with the system. The support will be geared to your use of and role(s) in the system.


Would you like to know more about Hora Finita, receive previous newsletters, talk about requirements for the new system, participate during consultation / testing sessions and/or share your expertise an any other way, please contact Bea Edlinger (project manager) – 06-25766075 or Liesbeth van der Heijden  (functional support) – 024-3615638

Hora finita