Newsletter 8: From Hora Est to Hora Finita

October 2020

Radboud University aims at high quality supervision and close monitoring of progress of PhD candidates. A PhD system that supports our needs in this aim is crucial. It has been decided to start using a new PhD system: Hora Finita. In this newsletter we will inform you about this new system and give you an update about the process of the implementation of Hora Finita.

As from October 2020 this newsletter will be sent to you monthly until Hora Finita has gone live. If you do not wish to receive an update in the future, please send an email to . Suggestions for people to add to the list of recipients are welcome too!

With this Newsletter we want to inform you that it has been decided to go live with Hora Finita on April 1st instead of January 1st. Users of Hora Finita felt that they will not be sufficiently equipped to use Hora Finita in January. Also the new doctorate regulations will start at the same time as Hora Finita.

We are now carrying on with the set-up of Hora Finita and the instruction manuals. Testing the system can subsequently start.






set up Hora Finita +  instruction manuals

accept Hora Finita

prepare to go live

test Hora Finita

Monthly meetings for future users of Hora Finita

At the monthly meetings key users from our Graduate Schools/Research institutes and Faculty offices are informed about relevant issues concerning the implementation of Hora Finita at our university and medical centre:

November 19, 11.30 – 13.00

December 17, 11.00 – 12.30

January 21, 11.00 – 12.30

February 18, 11.00 – 12.30

March 18, 11.00 – 12.30

Have you not been invited and do you want to join in? Please send an email to

On November 19 we will present the implementation plan and an introduction video about Hora Finita. The implementation plan provides more details about the process of going live and equipping our users.

Information about the transition

All future Hora Finita users can expect more information about the transition from Hora Est to Hora Finita in Radboud Weekly, your faculty newsletter and research websites. A few faculties have requested an information meeting. Short instruction manuals will be available for all users. They will be accessible to all users on the Radboud website. As Hora Finita is regarded a user friendly system, the experience is that it is not necessary to follow an instruction session to be able to use Hora Finita.

Advantages of Hora Finita

Hora Finita is designed to make life easier. It is more sophisticated than our current systems and supports the complete process from the registration of the new PhD candidate, the supervision up to the PhD defence. With Hora Finita we will have an all-in-one system:

Current situation

Future situation

Hora Est for registration

Hora Finita for registration, supervision and graduation phase

Hora Est PhD or PhDTRACK for supervision

Hora Est for graduation phase


Would you like to know more about Hora Finita, receive previous newsletters, talk about the implementation of the new system, participate during sessions and/or share your expertise an any other way, please contact:

Bea Edlinger (project manager) – 06-25766075 or Liesbeth van de Heijden (Hora Est/Hora Finita administrator) – 024-3615638