Maria Montessori building

The Maria Montessori Building was built for the Faculty of Social Sciences. The building consists of two wings connected by Grand Café de Iris. The official opening of the building took place on 27 May 2021.

Workspaces Grand Café
Maria Montessori building
Grand Café
Maria Montessori building

Timelapse of the construction

The Maria Montessori building has been completed! The timelapse shows the construction from the beginning in October 2018 to the end in December 2020.


Buildings on campus are becoming increasingly energy-efficient, and the Maria Montessori building is even energy-neutral. More information can be found here.

Videos and photos

During construction, the entire process of demolishing TvA and building the new building is recorded in photos and videos. Vlogger Johannes provides interesting insights via the construction updates, also outside the construction site. Various themes such as sustainability and technology are discussed.