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SV Babylon is a study association for the Communication and Information Studies (Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen, CIS) programme. The association is open to all CIS students and offers both academic and leisure activities. SV Babylon currently has more than 600 members, sixty of which are active in various committees.

SV Babylon organises study-related activities such as business visits, lectures, workshops, career days, forums, symposia and annual study trips to cities like Copenhagen, Budapest, Saint Petersburg, Dublin, Istanbul and Madrid. It also hosts an annual parents' day. In collaboration with the CIS programme, SV Babylon also provides secondary school students with information about higher education by organising orientation days and other informational events.

In addition, SV Babylon organises non-academic activities such as parties, drinks, pub crawls and an annual wilderness navigation excursion. In mid-March, the association celebrates its anniversary with a week of parties and other fun activities that allow you to mix and mingle with fellow students.

Each year, SV Babylon organises an orientation week for prospective CIS students. Before the start of the academic year, prospective students are given a tour of Nijmegen and an introduction to student life, the CIS programme, their fellow students and SV Babylon.

SV Babylon has its own publication, Babylon Magazine, which covers important issues about the business communication sector, the study association and student life. Members are informed of all administrative developments, secretarial updates and upcoming events via the association's website.

In short, SV Babylon is a versatile study association that strikes the perfect balance between learning and leisure. Membership costs fourteen euros per year. All members receive a free subscription to Babylon Magazine and discounts on activities organised by SV Babylon. As a member, you will also receive discounts of up to twenty percent on all textbooks ordered through the association. SV Babylon also gives you the opportunity to work on your personal development as an active member of one of its committees.

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