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Overview programme

Master programme Creative Industries Code EC Scheduled Teaching method Please note
1 2 3 4
Core Course Creative Industries LET-ACWME0000 5 X [X] Interactive lectures Scheduled twice a year
Specialised courses:
Media Industry LET-ACWM0001 5 X X Interactive lectures
Tourism LET-ACWM0002 5 X Interactive lectures
Fashion LET-ACWM0003 5 X Interactive lectures
Seminars: *
Creativity and Arts Education LET-ACWM0004 5 X Seminar
Things: Material Culture and the Politics of Identity LET-ACWM0006 5 X Seminar
Creativity in context LET-ACWM0007 5 X Seminar
Heritage Culture LET-ACWM0005 5 X Seminar
Electives** 10 - - - -
Thesis LET-ACWM10020 20 - - - - Individual supervision Scheduled in first or second semester, depending on moment of enrolment
Total 60 15 15 15 15

* Students make a choice of 2 out of the 4 seminar courses offered.
** 10 credits are reserved for either an internship or electives: students can follow courses from a different master programme, or choose from the range of seminars within the Creative Industries programme.

Premaster’s Creative Industries
Students who do not meet the entry requirements for the Master’s programme can apply for admission to the premaster's programme. 
For more information please take a look at the chapter 'Premasters'.