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Study association

KNUS is a study association that organises fun activities for ACS students. Founded in December 2004, KNUS is a young association that has experienced considerable growth in recent years, much like the ACS programme itself. The association currently has about a hundred members.

Its short and concise name reflects the clarity for which the association stands. KNUS lives up to its fun and friendly reputation. Thanks to its open character, members can engage in a fun and informal way with fellow ACS students, as well as older and younger students.

The association's main objective is to enrich academic and social life for ACS students by organising a range of activities. Fixed programme elements include cultural excursions, an annual study trip, a Christmas gala, a symposium, a monthly get-together and spectacular parties. KNUS also publishes a regular newsletter and offers attractive discounts on textbooks.

Visit the KNUS website for more information.