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Programme and Learning Outcomes

The general programme gives you the possibility to plan your own specialization by combining courses that fit your profile. You can focus, for example, on grammatical theory, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics or applied linguistics. An internship and the CLS-Colloquium can be part of your programme. For some of the courses that are offered as part of one of the language specific programmes (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch), you have to ask for admission. This also holds for the courses that are offered in the programme Cognitive Neuroscience. The general programme does not give access to the educational master offered by the Docenten Academie If you round off the general programme with good results, admission to the research master Language and Communication may be possible. The general programme prepares for jobs in which linguistic knowledge is applied (language policy, language testing, development of educational material, jobs in communication and publishing companies).