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Overview programme

Course name Course code EC 1 2 3 4
Global English LET-TWM-ETC402 5 X X
Topics in second language acquisition LET-TWM-ETC403 5 X X
Language testing LET-TWM401 5 X
Global Corporate Communication LET-CIWM438 5 X
English for specific purposes LET-TWM-ETC406 10 X X
Methods in language research* LET-TWM402 5* X
Computer-assisted language learning* LET-TWM405 5* X
Introduction to multimodal analysis* LET-TWM-ETC404 5* X
Internship, related to graduation project LET-TWM501 5 X
Graduation project** LET-TWM500 20 5 15
Total 60

Methods in language research  is obligatory for students without any background in statistics. If this is not required, choose one of the other two courses.

**Graduation project (report on the documented and argued development of a training module and the teaching and evaluation of it)

The internship is a practical module in a language training centre or a company. It is closely related to the Graduation project.