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Overview programme

Course name Course code EC 1 2 3 4
Temas de lingüística hispánica LET-TWM-RTCS402 10 X X
Methods in language research* LET-TWM402 5
Thesis LET-TWM400 20 X X
The following course is recommended for students in this programme:
Translation studies** LET-TWM-RTC401 5 X X
For the free choice courses see the linguistics programme**
Free choice 5
Free choice 5
Free choice 5
Free choice 5
(Free choice) (5)
Total 60

See the course list for the complete list of courses; check the general programme outline to see which of these courses are generally accessible and which ones require special permission.

* Obligatory for students without any background in statistics.

**If you plan to take the educational master, a course on Spanish literature of 10 ECT is required.