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Course code Course name
LET-REMAHLCSLS01 (New) Philology (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSD05 Academic Writing (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAVC1 Art and its Historical Context (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSC05 Contemporary Debates in the Humanities (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS02 International Historical Research (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSLS02 International Literary Research (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAVC3 Key Research in Art and Visual Culture (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS03 Key Research in Historical Studies (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSLS03 Key Research in Literary Studies (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSB05 Methods and Approaches in the Humanities (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS05 Research Article and Proposal (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSLS05 Research Article and Proposal (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAVC5 Research Article and Proposal (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSLS15 Research Master Thesis (30 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAV15 Research Master Thesis (30 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS15 Research Master Thesis (30 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS04 Research training (20 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAVC4 Research Training (20 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSLS04 Research training (20 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSHS01 Sources of Historical Research (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSA05 Theory of Scientific Research in the Humanities (5 ec)
LET-REMAHLCSAVC2 What is an Image? (5 ec)