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Lecture and examination schedules

On the scheduling page you can create a personal schedule. In your personal schedule you can find the dates and times of the courses you are enrolled in as well as the dates of any (written) exams. If you have not yet received a student number, you can use the guest access at the bottom of the scheduling page.

Be sure to check your schedule before the start of each term, as sometimes there are last minute changes. Changes that occur during the term will also be placed on the Blackboard page of the course in question, but it is advisable to check your personal schedule regularly.

There is a short instruction video on how to use your personal schedule.

Nota Bene: The dates of deadlines for papers are not included in your personal schedule, but will be communicated by the lecturers of the course.
If you have further questions about the schedule, send an email to

In principle, all units of study must be completed within the semester in which they are offered. For each course/unit of study, one opportunity for preliminary examinations is set. Each year, the Examination Board determines a detailed time schedule for the completion of units of study.