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The MultiMedia Studiecentrum (MMS)

The MultiMedia Studiecentrum is well-equipped with multimedia computers that you can use. In this room there are also printers, scanners, CD and DVD players and recording equipment. Users of this centre should have a student ID. With your student card you can get a personal account and access to internet. In the beginning of your stay, you will receive a letter of the International Relations office with a green stamp on it. This is a provisional student ID card, which will be accepted by the MMS for the time that you have no real student ID yet. Until you do, you can get a day card each time you want to use the computer.

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University Library/Universiteitsbibliotheek (UB)

The University Library is open to the general public. A Library Card is required for borrowing books from the library. Seats for studying and using library materials are available in the Reading Room and Bibliographical Centre at the ground floor. Seats are also available in the "Verdieping" in the basement (-1) and the Periodicals Room on the first floor (01).

In the Bibliographical Centre you find computers, giving access to the website of the University Library, an E-mail function and the Internet: access is limited to persons with a Library Card or a Student's Card from Radboud University Nijmegen. There are printing and downloading facilities.

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History of Art Documentation Centre/Centrum Kunsthistorisch Documentatie (CKD)

At the History of Art Documentation Centre you can borrow slides, for example, to support papers and presentations. The History of Art Documentation Centre owns two million images, primarily of western European visual art and architecture. The collection includes photographs, reproductions, postcards and images on microfiches.
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Radboud In'to Languages

Radboud In'to Languages provides all kinds of training and services in the field of languages and communication, making use of the latest didactic strategies and technology. In all they do, communication is of prime importance. Radboud In'to Languages offers dozens of courses, from Cambridge English to Dutch as a second language and from Speed-reading to Effective presentation skills. You can also go to them for translations and editing. But they do much more, such as developing course materials and private training programmes.

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Academic Writing Centre/ Het Academisch Schrijfcentrum Nijmegen (ASN)

It is not easy to write a proper academic text. If you have a writing assignment such as an essay, a thesis, report or another written document you can get help at the writing centre. They do not write or think up the text for you, but they give feedback on any question you have during the process of working on the assignment. By doing so they can help you to improve your thinking and writing process, which in effect will help you to write a better text.

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Student Affairs Office/Dienst Studentenzaken

Some of the programs and services the Student Affairs Office offers and support include:

  1. Student Handbook/ Academic Affairs
  2. Disability Services
  3. Student Support Services

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Lecture Notes Centre/Dictatencentrale:

Thomas van Aquinostraat 2
Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00

University Sports Centre/Universitaire Sport Centrum:

ICT Service Centre: