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Funding possibilities

Travel to and from Tilburg

If you as a Nijmegen student do not have a student season ticket, you can have your travel costs to and from Tilburg reimbursed. You have to complete an expense claim form and attach the original tickets.

Instructions about completing the expense claim form can be found on  NOTE: The financial department is very strict and they do not hesitate to return incomplete forms. Please keep in mind that your entitlement to reimbursement lapses if your claim is not submitted within three months after incurring the expenses.

Attending conferences

The research master’s programme wishes to encourage students to attend conferences. Students are eligible to a one-time financial contribution from the Graduate School for the Humanities (GSH) to attend a national or international conference.

  1. Who: research master students 2. What: subsidy for attending a conference or a workshop or symposium (with the exception of the national research schools) 3. Application: for more details, see

Each student may submit one application for no more than 350 euros during the research master’s programme.

Testing human participants

Internships and the thesis research may involve the testing of human participants. Participants are preferably compensated for their time by means of course credits. Otherwise, participants can receive financial compensation paid from the research funding awarded to the member of staff supervising the student's study (e.g. NWO / ERC grants, Fonds van de Wetenschap). If the staff member cannot support the student financially, Nijmegen students are eligible to a financial contribution of maximally 500 euro in total from the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) to compensate participants for their time.

  1. Who: Nijmegen research master students 2. What: subsidy of maximal 500 euro for compensating participants who are tested at a lab within CLS (accordingly to the hourly CLS rate) 3. Submit when: After the plan for the research has been presented at a CLS lab lunch 4. Prepare application:
  • Applicant(s)
  • Applicant(s) correspondence
  • Short letter of motivation (describing the research), which needs to be signed by your tutor and the member of staff supervising the research
  • Estimate of the costs (estimation of the number of participants and the duration of the experiment)
  • Submit application: by email to
  1. Application procedure: applications will be processed by the coordinator of the Research Master and the CLS management team. The student will receive a response within two weeks of submitting the application. 6. Completion: submit expense claim form ( and a short report (max. 250 words). 7. Contact: secretarial office (

Going abroad

Please contact Radboud International (  for funding possibilities if you want to go abroad to do your research.