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Attendance requirement

There is an attendance requirement for the various teaching forms, such as tutorials, practical sessions, thesis or work placement supervision, tutoring and/or mentoring. There is no attendance requirement for lectures, although attendance is strongly recommended. For parts of the programme requiring self study, attendance is required for the elements described as tutorials or workgroups.

The lecturer of the subject involved will clearly set out the attendance requirements for all students. Attendance at and participation in practical sessions and tutorials is obligatory, otherwise this part cannot be rounded off or participation in the applicable exam may be denied. If due to circumstances (circumstances beyond a student’s control, exceptional personal circumstances, etc) you are unable to meet this demand, then the lecturer involved and the study advisor must be contacted immediately.

Please Note. The course guidelines accompanying each course are the determining factor in this, not the schedule. The lecturer will specify which teaching form is used for the various parts in the course guidelines. The course guidelines are published per course in Blackboard.