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Exam opportunities and assessment

  • Two exam opportunities are offered to round off each course: either an exam and a retake, or a first and a second deadline for a paper.
  • The exams (retakes) take place during the exam weeks, as indicated in the annual academic schedule.
  • If no one has registered 7 days before the planned date of an exam, the exam will not take place.
  • You are expected to participate in the first opportunity; the second opportunity is for students who failed to pass on their first attempt or those who, due to planning issues or circumstances beyond their control, were unable to attend the first opportunity. If you choose to sit the exam at the second exam opportunity, please be aware that this will also be your only
  • Any additional opportunity must be applied for through the exam committee. For queries regarding such a request or the form, please contact the study advisor or student administration.

Obligatory registration for exams and papers
When registering for a course in FFTR, students are automatically registered for the first exam opportunity. For all other exams (incl. the second opportunity) students must register via https://portal.ru.nl/ at least 7 days before the start of the exam period.

Further information about registering for exams and deadlines. If you have registered for an exam and cannot attend, please report this to the student administration as soon as possible.

Assessment of exams and papers
The assessment of exams and papers is expressed in numbers and half numbers on a scale of 1 to 10, with the exception of the number 5.5. The minimum pass mark is 6. The examiner will send the assessment to the student administration at the latest 15 working days after the exam.

The student has the right to peruse the assessed exam (written exam or paper), up to 20 working days after the result has been announced. If a student does not agree with an exam result or with a decision by the exam committee or feels unjustly treated, he or she can contact the appropriate lecturer or exam committee.

Sequence of exams
You can only sit exams during the Master phase once your bachelor paper has been successfully finalised and you have obtained at least 160 EC bachelor credits. You have no rights to any thesis supervision as long as the bachelor diploma has not been obtained.
Have a look at Following Master courses conditionally for information on flexible matriculation onto masters’ courses.