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Duration and completion

What is the duration of the internship?

  • The study load of the internship is 12 EC, which is equivalent to 8 full-time weeks. This includes writing the report and preparing and giving the final presentation. You can assume that the internship will be about 7 weeks or 35 days and in the last week, you will write the report and work on your final presentation.
  • If you have other commitments alongside your internship, it will of course take you longer.
  • Make sure you make good agreements with your supervisors about the use of time. The biggest pitfalls are 1) working longer for extra results (sometimes this is worth it, but keep an eye on the time!) and 2) spending multiple weeks perfecting your report.
  • A supervisor may provide feedback on an initial version of the report, but it must be officially evaluated at an agreed-upon time. Preparing it for publication is great, but should be done afterwards.

What to do after completing the internship?

  • At the start of your internship check your internship evaluation form, so you know what points will be evaluated. You can also find the internship evaluation form at Radboudnet under “aanvragen en formulieren”.
  • After completing your internship and having given your final presentation, your internship supervisor and 2nd evaluator will each hand in their parts of the internship evaluation form. If their evaluations differ, they will consult with each other to reach a final evaluation.
  • Your internship grade will be registered through a testimonium (exam registration form) that you can pick up at the Student Service Desk.
  • Your supervisor will see to it that a scan of your report and the internship evaluation form is sent by e-mail to afstudeerwerk@science.ru.nl or graduationdocuments@science.ru.nl; you will receive a copy and the original will be stored at the department.

In the course of 2016 an online tool for handling all aspects of the internships will become operational.