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List of departments

This table gives an overview of departments suited for bachelor internships.
Please be aware that there some departments are popular. It is therefore advisable to inquire about your possibilities in time and make a good first impression:

  • Show that you know the department and their research.
  • Make sure that you have good grades.
  • Show that you care about what they tell you, be interested in their story.

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Chair Staff Required*
IMM Analytical Chemistry prof. dr. Buydens dr. J.J. Jansen, dr. G. Postma
IMM Biomolecular Chemistry prof. dr. G. Pruijn dr. w. Boelens, dr. K. Bonger
IMM Bio-Organic Chemistry (prof. dr. J. van Hest) dr. D. Lowik, dr. D. Wilson
IMM Biophysical Chemistry Vacancy dr. H. Heus, dr. M. Tessari
IMM Synthetic Organic Chemistry prof. dr. F. Rutjes dr. M. Feiters, dr. J. Mecinovic, dr. T. Boltje
RIMLS Biochemistry prof. dr. R. Brock dr. W. Koopman, dr. P. Willems
RIMLS Bioinformatics CMBI prof. dr. G. Vriend dr. H. Venselaar, dr. T. Ritschel, prof. M. Huijnen, prof. R. Siezen
RIMLS Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology prof. dr. F. Russel dr. J. Koenderink
IWWR Green Chemistry prof. dr. M. Huybrechts dr. R. van Zelm Molecular component
IMM Molecular Materials vacancy dr. P. Kouwer
IMM Molecular Nanotechnology prof. dr. R. Nolte
IMM Physical-Organic Chemistry prof. dr. W. Huck
IMM Applied Materials Science prof. dr. E. Vlieg dr. J. Schermer Molecular component
IMM Molecular and Biophysics Vacancy dr. A. Rijs Molecular component
IMM Molecular and Laser Physics prof. dr. D. Parker dr. F. Harren, dr. S. Cristescu, dr. B. van de Meerakker Molecular component
IMM Molecular Structure and Dynamics prof.dr. J. Oomens dr. J. Bakker, dr. G. Berden Molecular component
IMM Scanning Probe Microscopy prof. dr. A. Khajetoorians dr. J. Elemans, dr. D. Wegner
IMM Soft condensed matter and nanomaterials in high magnetic fields prof. dr. P. Christianen dr. H. Engelkamp (HFML) Molecular component
IMM Solid State Chemistry prof. dr. E. Vlieg dr. W. van Enckevort, dr. R. de Gelder, dr. H. Meekes
IMM Solid State NMR prof. dr. A. Kentgens dr. E. van Eck, dr. J. van Bentum
IMM Spectroscopy of Solids and Interfaces prof. dr. Th. Rasing prof. A. Kirilyuk, dr. A. Kimel Molecular component
IMM Theoretical Chemistry prof. dr. G. Groenenboom dr. H. Cuppen, dr. G. de Wijs
IMM Theory of Condensed Matter prof. dr. M. Katsnelson dr. A. Fasolino, dr. M. Titov, dr. S. Yuan Molecular component
* The research proposal (internship planning form) needs to contain a molecular aspect