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Binding study advice

Binding Study Advice (BSA) has been introduced for first year students. The BSA applies to students who are enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor's programme for the first time. In short, this means that each first year student  will receive a statement as to whether or not they are advised to continue their programmeat the end of their first year of study (the so-called "propedeuse"). At the Faculty of Science, the minimum EC required for students is 39 EC. If you have 39 EC or more of your propedeuse at the end of the academic year, you will automatically receive a positive recommendation. If you are below this limit of 39 EC, you will get a binding, negative recommendation. This means that you can not re-enroll for this Bachelor's Programme at the Radboud University within the next three years. In some cases, you can no longer enroll in similar Bachelor's Programmes within the faculty either.

This rule is called the BSA-rule (Binding Study Advice).

After the last (resit) exam period, you will receive their recommendation, the student may appeal the recommendation with the BSA committee. At the latest on 31 August, the advice will be turned into a definite (negative) recommendation.

Some exceptions to this rule are:

  • Students coming from a HBO programme; they will not receive a BSA.
  • Students who quit the programme before 1 March of their first year. They will not receive a BSA.
  • In case the student has exceptional personal circumstances affecting their course of study, the BSA committee may decide to deviate from the BSA rule and limit of 39 EC. In this case, you will receive a maintained (aangehouden) advice. This means that you can continue your program, but you will need to have obtained your propedeuse by the end of your second year.

Should you decide to quit in your first year of study, you do not have to repay your DUO Financial aid, provided that you turn off your Financial Aid before 1 February (as well as deactivate your DUO public transport card) and do not request financial aid again within the same year of study. This regulation only applies to the first year of receiving DUO financial aid.

Guidance and an intermediate advice

The programmes will not let your negative recommendation come as a surprise at the end of your first year of study. First year students are regularly invited to make an appointment with the student advisor, in order to provide help and guidance to students who need it. In September or October you will already receive your first invitation. After the results of the exams of the first semester are announced, you will be invited to make an appointment with your student advisor, again in order to discuss your progress. You will also receive a provisional study advice.


Should you have questions or doubts, or if you just want to know where you stand with regard to your study programme and your recommendation, you can always contact your student advisor. Naturally, you do not have to wait until you are invited.