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Programme of B2

Compulsory Courses

The second year curriculum for the Bachelor’s programme in Molecular Life Sciences consists of compulsory courses in Period 1 and 2. The compulsory courses are tabulated below:

Specialisation phase

The specialisation phase starts in Period 3 (see later on in this prospectus) and continues into the third year, in which you are free to choose combinations of courses that lead to your desired specialisation in molecular life sciences. From here on you will differentiate your self from your fellow students Molecular Life Sciences.

The courses in the specialisation phase have been divided into priority courses and electives, and in total must add up to 63 EC. If you do a minor you may deduct those EC from the size of your specialisation phase. For the degree programme Molecular Life Sciences at least 75% of the specialisation phase must consist of priority courses (P), rounded up to the nearest multiple of 3.The only exception to this rule is a minor of 18 EC; 33 EC of priority courses will suffice, even though 75% of 45 EC is 33,75 EC.

The requirements are tabulated here:

No minor 15 EC Minor 18 EC Minor 21 EC Minor

24 EC Minor

27 EC Minor 30 EC Minor
Total EC Specialisation 63 EC 48 EC 45 EC 42 EC 39 EC 36 EC 33 EC
Priority Courses 42 EC 36 EC 33 EC 33 EC 30 EC 27 EC 27 EC

6 EC of the specialisation phase may consist of any natural science course(s) at an academic level, and therefore does not have to be from the Molecular Life Sciences Curriculum.


All 6 EC-courses are given on Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday. For Wednesday you can select a number of 3-EC courses. In principle you must choose one course on Monday-Tuesday and one course on Thursday-Friday. All Thu-Fri courses and all Mon-Tue courses will have overlapping schedules. A number of these courses will have compulsory components, so choose carefully.
The courses Celbiologie van Dieren (Animal Cell Biology) and Biochemistry-molecular biology II are not compulsory, but do provide basic knowledge for many later courses. Philosophy (FFIL100 or FFIL101) and the writing module FCEM02B are offered several times through the year and can be taken in year 2 or 3.

P (bold) = Molecular Life Sciences priority course
I = course given in first half of the week (Mon + Tue)
II = course given in second half of the week (Thu + Fri)

*the 3-EC courses will, as far as possible, be scheduled on Wednesdays.