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Programme of B3

The specialisation phase of the Bachelor’s in Molecular Life Sciences will continue in the third year. Here too, the selection of courses have been divided into priority courses and limited choice electives. Philosophy and the Writing course can be taken in year 2 or 3. The first semester of the third year is the Faculty’s minor semester. You can choose to do a minor progamme in this semester, if you want. A number of Faculty minors, such as the education minor and the Global Challenges minor are scheduled during these periods. See the separate minor prospectus for a more detailed description.

For the Molecular Life Sciences degree programme a minimum of three quarters of the differentiation phase must consist of priority courses (in Bold). A tabular view is available.
I = course given in first half of the week (Mon + Tue)
II = course given in second half of the week (Thu + Fri)

Semester 5:

Semester 6:

* Genomics for Health and Environment is a 12 ec course given on Mo-Tue and Thur-Fri. 6 EC count as priority course.
** Translational Neuroscience is an FNWI-MED interfaculty course. Registration for this course is in April of your second year. An information meeting will be announced in time.