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Programme of Chemistry for life

For the Master of Science in Chemistry the complete 120 EC programme is:

A. a specialisation related major comprising:

  • specialisation related research internship chosen from the list 'departments for internships' elsewhere in this prospectus: 59 EC
    These 59 EC include:
    - practical work, master thesis, presentation (NWI-MOL501, 47-53 EC)
    - these also include a literature thesis (NWI-MOL601, 6 EC)
    - optional specialisation courses relevant to the internship (maximum 6 EC)
  • scientific master courses: 12 EC

B. a free minor programme: 24 EC
This minor programme may contain a second internship (NWI-MOL502) and/or a package of courses in another discipline
C. Career orientation (1 EC) - For new master students starting in 2016-2017
D. free electives: 6 EC
E. Philosophy 2: 3 EC. For more information about your options, click here.

One of the 15 EC compulsory courses may be interchanged with a course from the specialisations Physical chemistry or Molecular chemistry.