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Rules and procedures

In the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), you will find all of the student's rights and duties described and explained. In the EER, you will find all official regulations concerning anything having to do with your study programme, for example information about registering for exams and the deadline for teachers to grade the exams. As in the EER some matters are represented broadly, the Examination Board always composes the Rules & Regulations (R&R) of the EER.For example, the Rules & Regulations section contains the regulations of academic distinction. In combination with the EER, all transitional arrangements as well as changes in the programme are established in the R&R. As a student, the EER and R&R are always there to fall back on.

You will find the EER as well as the R&R on RadboudNet for Students:

1. Select the relevant Bachelor's Programme / Master's student portal.
2. Go to Rules and Regulations.
3. Select Education and Examination Regulations.