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Pre-Master's programme

Bridging programmes for Master's in Information Sciences

Radboud University’s Faculty of Science offers students from Dutch Universities of Applied Science (i.e. HBO students) a pre-Master’s or minor programme.

The aim of the pre-Master's is to eliminate deficiencies and develop the skills that are needed for the Master's programme in Information Sciences. It starts in September and generally consists of 30 EC (one semester). For students with extra deficiencies, we offer a tailor-made programme. The pre-Master’s programme in Information Sciences is only available in Dutch.

Application and costs pre-Master's

To be admitted to the pre-Master’s programme you need a Dutch Bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences or a comparable field of science. More information on the costs and application can be found on the website of the Student Affairs Office.

Please note that this pre-Master’s programme can be found under the Bachelor’s in Informatica in Studielink. In Osiris (for international students) the pre-Master’s programme is called ‘B AP Informatica’.

HBO minors

Besides the pre-Master’s, we also offer a minor programme. During their third or fourth year, Dutch HBO students can take a minor – a set of courses of 30 EC – at Radboud University. If you’re planning on continuing your studies with a Master’s, you can use this minor programme to follow courses from the pre-Master's programme in Information Sciences.

More information about the minor, enrolment and costs can be found on the page Minor programme Information Sciences.

More information

If you are interested in following a pre-Master’s in Information Sciences, please contact the student advisor:

Perry Groot
+31 (0)24 365 20 37