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Transition rules

  1. In 2016, the course Security in Organisations has a 5 ec version (course code NWI-IMC053) in addition to a 6 ec version (course code NWI-I00153). The courses will be taught jointly but the 6 ec version will have some additional project work for students. If you are taking this course in your master, please make sure to register for the correct course code. Students doing the Information Sciences master should take the 6 ec course.

  2. The following two courses from curriculum 2015-2016 are no longer offered in 2016-2017:
  • NWI-IMK003 Business Rules Specification and Application (3 ec)
  • NWI-IMK009 Business Service Innocation (3 ec)

If you still need to complete one or both of these courses, or if you already started your master before 2014 and find yourself "in between curricula", please contact the master advisor Perry Groot (Perry.Groot@science.ru.nl ) to discuss replacement courses for your programme. Replacement courses are subject to approval by the Examining Board.