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Description of Clinical Biology

This specialisation has its prime focus on clinical problems on a molecular and cellular level and will fit close to the research at the clinical research departments of the Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc).
Key words are: pathology, anatomy, molecular and translational oncology, human genetics, metabolism, transport, motility.

The specialisation programme comprises five mandatory courses (15 ec) and one specialisation-related internship (44 ec). The intership includes practical work and report, as well as a literature thesis of 6 ec and a theoretical component of 3 ec. A list of available research departments can be found further on in this prospectus.

In case you cannot start in September, but enrol later in the year (with permission of the Examination Board), you start with the research internship and take the mandatory courses at the next available option.

The specialisation is open to students in two Master's programmes: Molecular Life Sciences and Medical biology. These have different entry requirements, different final qualifications and therefore also a slightly different structure and programme requirments.