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Contact persons

1. Institute for Education Programmes in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (WiNSt)

Director Prof. Dr. P.C.M. Christianen
Educational coordinator Physics and Astronomy Dr. A. Kimel (B)
Dr. O.R. Pols (M)
Educational coordinator Mathematics Dr. B.D. Souvignier (B)
Prof. Dr. N.P. Landsman (M)
Coordinator Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Dr. G.W.M. Swart
Student-assessor Physics and Astronomy Michelle Wassink
Student-assessor Mathematics: Sterre den Breeijen

2. Examination Board of Physics and Astronomy and Mathematics

Chairman Prof. Dr. A.I. Kiriliouk
Vice-chairman Prof. Dr. G.J. Heckman
Secretary Drs. H.W.J. Becks
Mw. Y. Kleijnen
Members Prof. Dr. R.H.P. Kleiss
Dr. S.A. Terwijn 
Dr. J.R. Hörandel
Dr. M. Müger
Extern member Prof. Dr. F.J. Keune

3. Education Committee of Physics and Astronomy

Chairman Prof. Dr. W.J.P. Beenakker
Members Prof. Dr. H.J. Kappen
Dr. E.G. Körding
Dr. M. Titov
Dr. G.W.M. Swart (amb.secr)
L.G.W. van Alst (student)
M. Compen (student)
S. Horst (student)
A. Kool (student)

4. Student Advisor

Mw. Ir. Drs. E. van Mierlo (Physics and Astronomy) (e.vanmierlo@science.ru.nl)
You may book an appointment with her by using YouCanBookMe.
Room: HG 00.539; tel. (36)53013