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Programme of Neuroscience

The master specialisation Neuroscience comprises of:

A. Neuroscience, mandatory courses 15 EC
B. Mandatory electives and Neuroscience electives 23 EC or 26 EC
C. Master Thesis Physics and Astronomy 60 EC
D. Professional Preparation 1 EC
E. Philosophy 3 EC
F. Free electives 15 EC or 18 EC

Note: In order to create a coherent programme that prepares you for a Master's thesis contact the coordinator: Prof Dr A.J. van Opstal.

A. Mandatory Programme (15 EC)

Common courses for all Neuroscience specialisations:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Behavioral Neuroscience (3 EC) Methods in Neuroscience (3 EC) Systematic Reviews in Neuroscience (6 EC)
Systems Neuroscience (3 EC)

B. Mandatory Electives (23 EC or 26 EC)

B.1 Mandatory course for all, master's Physics and Astronomy (3 EC):

B.2 Mandatory Electives (20 EC or 23 EC):

Machine Learning is highly recommended for Computational/Theoretical Neurophysics. Psychophysics 2 is highly recommended for Experimental Neurophysics.

C. Master Thesis Physics and Astronomy (60 EC)

D. Professional Preparation (1 EC)

E. Philosophy course (3 EC)

F. Free Electives (15 EC or 18 EC, depending on the size of B.2)

The electives should be chosen in consultation with the prospective thesis supervisor or the coordinator of the specialisation. It is possible to do elective courses offered by Neurophysics, but you may also choose to do courses from other specialisations. Of these free electives, 9 EC (if total is 15 EC) or 12 EC (if total is 18 EC) have to be approved by the Examination Board.