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Programme of Science, Management and Innovation

The programme of Science Management and Innovation is constructed in such a way that you will do your Master's specific programme in the first year of your master, and the SMI-courses and activities in the second year. However, due to personal planning you may deviate from this. Note that the outline below is only about the generic part of the programme.

For the requirements of your Master's programme, we refer you to the guide belonging to that master programme.

Planning of SMI-courses and research project
Q1 Core theme course Innovation Management

Policy &


Theme course

Theme course


Methods in

General Elective


Science, Management and Innovation research project (30 EC)


Structure specifics:

  • Theme courses* (total of 12 ec including the 6 ec core theme course for each theme)

*For other themes, please consult the SMI-website.

All courses can also be taken as an elective in other Master Specialisations.

For more information, see the website of the specialisation