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Programme of Science in Society

The curriculum of the masterspecialisation Science in Society is a mix of courses that belong to your masterprogramma (60 EC) and SIS-specifc courses and activities (60 EC).

Offically you'll follow your masterspecific programme in the first year of your master, and the SIS-courses and activities in the second year. However, due to personal planning you may deviate from this.

For the requirements of your masterprogramme, we refer you to the guide belonging to that master programme.

Planning of SiS courses and research project

Q1 Science & Media
(3 EC)

Science & Societal Interaction
(3 EC)

Risk Communication
(3 EC)
Science & Public Policy
(3 EC)
Free space
(3 EC)
Q2 Framing Knowledge
(3 EC)

Knowledge Society
(3 EC)

Methods in Societal Research: Science in Society
(3 EC)

(6 EC)

Science in Society research project
(30 EC)


Compulsory courses
(21 EC)

All courses can also be taken as an elective in other Master specialisations (except the course Methods in Societal Research: Science in Society).