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General information about minors at FNWI

Below, you will find an overview of the minors which are available specifically for Faculty of Science students. For some students, these minors have been approved by the Examination Board beforehand. The automatically approved minors differ per study programme. In the overview below, it is indicated which minors can be followed without the need for approval beforehand by the Examination Board. On the pages of the minors themselves, you can find more information regarding the courses that are offered in a minor and any admission requirements of the courses / minor.

Offer of minors at the Faculty of Science – Programmes

Suggestions for minors consisting of courses from another faculty

It is always possible to compose your own minor. To be able to follow this, this has to be approved by your Examination Board.

Some students would like to follow a specific minor on the topic of economics. For such a minor, we refer you to the minors that are offered by the Nijmegen School of Management. You can find these minors in their prospectus.