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Chosen set of courses

Each student has to make sure that their chosen set of courses, in both their Bachelor's as well as Master's student file, is approved by the Examination Board. This approval should be requested at the Examination Board approximately 6 months before the date of graduation (mail to: fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nl). Without an approved set of courses, you cannot request graduation.

The appropriate forms for this can be found per programme on the following webpage: http://www.radboudnet.nl/studentenfnwi. Always discuss the elective courses in your programme with your student advisor. The form has to be filled out completely and satisfy the requirements of the minimum number of credits. The procedure regarding submitting this form can also be found on the website.

Some First year programmes (such as Mathematics and Physics and Astronomy) have free space for electives. Students of these programmes also have to request approval before they can formally request their first year degree.