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Graduation - Bachelor's degree

To request graduation for the Bachelor's degree, students should fill out the appropriate forms that can be found on the intranetsite of their Bachelor's programme, under the tab "requests and forms". It is also possible to request graduation at the Student Service Desk. In that case, bring your student ID card.

When you request graduation, all grades/results that are necessary for the Bachelor's degree should be processed in Osiris. In addition, at the moment of requesting graduation, your chosen set of courses has to have been approved by the Examination Board.

If 31 August is the date of examination and all grades/results have been processed in Osiris on 31 August, and you will not continue with a Master's programme at Radboud University Nijmegen, you are not required to enrol for the next academic year.

Date of Examination

The student will officially obtain their Bachelor's degree on the next date of examination, provided that they successfully completed all exams of their Bachelor's programme. For the examination dates, please see intranet.