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Graduation - First year degree

The First year degree is a formalised form of examination by the Radboud University. This means that the Examination Board will determine the date of examination when all requirements of the first year degree have been met. In this digital prospectus or in the Education and Examination regulations (OER) on intranet (to be found under "rules and guidelines" on the page of your programme) you can find all exams and requirements. As soon as you have completed these and met all requirements, you can request (first year) graduation. You can find the appropriate form on that same website.

For more information, please see: http://www.radboudnet.nl/studentsscience

Date of Examination

A student will obtain their first year degree on the next date of examination, provided that they successfully completed all exams of their first year programme. For the application and examination dates, please see intranet.

Graduation day for the First year degree

The date for this formal graduation, when the first year degree diplomas are distributed, is determined by the Examination Board. Usually, it takes place a couple of times each academic year.

Graduation regulations for the first year degree

The student has only successfully obtained their First year degree once all of the student's exams and assignments have been graded according to the following: all assessments are sufficient, i.e. at least a ‘6', ‘passed', ‘participated, or ‘exempt'.