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Regular and extra examination opportunities

Procedure to request (regular) extra exam opportunity

A student can only take part in the exam of a course twice, without having to meet extra requirements. If a student wishes to have a third, extra exam opportunity, they can only register after they have met the extra requirements set by the lecturer.

These extra requirements could entail:

  • Taking the course again
  • Taking a part of the course again (such as a practical, or part of the theory)
  • Complete extra assignments

The lecturer should take into account that the student should have the opportunity to meet these requirements at the latest two weeks before the exam. Then, the extra exam opportunity can still be processed in our administration. If you wish to request an extra exam opportunity, always make sure to follow the step-by-step plan in time.

In case you wish to request an extra exam opportunity for more than one course, please follow the step-by-step plan, and make an appointment with your student advisor.