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Rules of examination

Exams and registration

For each of the courses that are offered, there are usually two exam opportunities during the academic year. These exams usually take place shortly after the course ends.

Requirement of participation

In order to take part in the exam, the student is obligated to bring their student ID card as well as valid proof of identification to the exam. In addition, a student who has not registered is not allowed to take part in the exam. This is checked strictly.

Registering and de-registering for exams

The student has to be registered for the exam on Osiris. If a student does not register on time, they are not allowed to take part in the exam. For an oral exam, the student has to register formally, like with any other exam, and contact their examiner to make an appointment.
Please note: registering for a course means that you are automatically registered for each first exam opportunity!

Students should deregister for an exam if they decide to not take part in the exam:

  • Up until 7 days before the exam on Osiris
  • Or, after that, via the lecturer, up until 1 working day before the exam

This last option is only valid when the student informs their lecturer digitally or in writing. If a student does not participate in the exam and have not deregistered on time, they lose one exam opportunity.

Limited number of exam opportunities

Students can only take an exam three times at the utmost. This applies to every course. Two of these opportunities are regular exam opportunities, meaning that they have no further requirements that the student has to meet. If a student has not passed the course after three exam opportunities, they can submit a request to the lecturer stating that they wish to take part in the exam once more. The detailed procedure, along with the necessary forms, can be found on the webpage of your study programme on intranet, filed under "forms".


Under certain circumstances, for example when you have completed part of the same study programme elsewhere, a student can be exempt from one or more exams. Always discuss this with your student advisor first.
You need permission from the Examining Board in order to receive exemption. You can request exemption through the secretary of the Examining Board (fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nl)

Grading period of exams

The results of an exam have to be announced a certain number of days after the exam took place. Please see the OER (to be found under "rules and guidelines" on the webpage of your Master's programme) on intranet for more information.

The right to inspect your exams

After the exam results have been announced, every student who took part in the (written) exam is allowed to inspect their graded exam on request. Please see the Education- and Examination Regulations (OER)  on intranet (to be found under "rules and guidelines" on the webpage of your programme) to check for how long you can inspect your exams.