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Confidential Counsellor

The Faculty is committed to make sure all of its students are able to study in the best academic environment possible. This includes an environment in which you feel safe and respected. Being confronted with undesirable behaviour can severely disturb this. Undesirable behaviour could be a colleague, supervisor, or student behaving in such a bothersome way that you suffer from it during your course of study.

You could, for example, think of clear forms of undesirable behaviour such as discrimination, (sexual) intimidation, bullying, gossiping, and (other) forms of physical violence, but it also includes more subtle forms of undesirable behaviour, such as being ignored, important information intentionally being kept from you, being excluded from group activities, or receiving comments regarding your private life or your way of working.

Should you experience undesirable behaviour, it is possible to ask for help from a confidential counsellor. They are independent and experienced in handling such issues.

Below, you will find the names and contact details of our counsellors:

You can contact them through the following phone number: (024)-(36) 1 22 28.