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University Chaplaincy

Every thirty minutes, the sound of our church bells can be heard all across campus. Tempus locusque coalescendi is written on our clock: a time and place to grow, together. We cannot summarise what the University Chaplaincy has to offer you any better than that.

Explore and allow yourself this space

  • To be heard and seen
  • Where you can experience true hospitality
  • To be yourself, and to grow
  • To share your passion
  • To draw comfort from inspiring sources
  • To find your strengths
  • To meet others
  • To be connected - to experience, and to celebrate
  • To help achieve a better world
  • Where, as a student, you can help to create the programme

The Student Chaplaincy is a home which doors are always open for your questions, ideas, suggestions, or if you are experiencing a difficult time in your life. Usually there is a pastor present who has time for you and will listen to you. You can also make an appointment at the secretariat. You can meet fellow students during the day, but especially in the evenings, in the meeting space and/or in the many discussion groups and courses that we offer. All of our activities can be found in our programme booklet and on our website.

At Erasmuslaan 9A, you will find a meeting space that offers you access to a lovely garden, a quiet room, a chapel, and a prayer room decorated especially for Muslim students with two separated washing facilities for men and women. You can also play piano in our Chaplain or read a newspaper.

Church services

Each Sunday, from the beginning of September until the beginning of July, we have a Catholic or Protestant Eucharist, starting at 11.00. Students, staff and other visitors are welcome. For international students and others, we offer the same service in English on Sundays at 17.00. After the mass there is opportunity to meet others. Sometimes a meal is organised.

Contact and opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 17.00

Erasmuslaan 9A
T: 024 - 36 19 188
E: info@studentenkerk.ru.nl
W: http://www.ru.nl/chaplaincy/